"Look into the horizon and feel the souls of thousands of innocent children waiting for humanity to make a change."

About All the Children of Light

All the Children of Light is a nonprofit organization that is formed to support orphans in Syria with education and medical needs.

All the Children of Light has currently more than 50 members in the United States and Internationally. It is formed by healers, physicians, health care providers, nurses, and many that support orphans in Syria.

All the Children of Light fully supports the only Educational Institution in the Idlib Province in Syria. It currently consists of three schools to educate now 2100 orphans. It employs 20 teachers with full salaries.

It is working on supporting the two medical centers in Idlib that are the only left operating medical centers for millions of refugies inside Syria.

Our Officers

United States:

Colorado/ Headquarters:

Samir Witta, MD, PhD, President

Heather Dannahoo

David Kovar, M.D.

400 Indiana Street

Suite 270

Golden, Colorado 80111



Haidar Amin, M.D., Director of Communication.


Jassir Witta, MD, CFO

Nashua, NH










Zajed Wetti

Washington D.C.:

Gerard Janco, PhD










Jassir Wetti, COO

Czech Republic:

Stanislav Holobrada, M.D., Medical Director